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U.S.A History

When did The revolutionary War Started and when it was finished ? Who Won ?

The American Revolutionary War (1775–1783), also known as the American War of .... Parliament didrepeal . The Americans sought self-governance and achieved it. The American revolutionary governments in the thirteen colonies-turned-states, and all in the Continental Army and supporting militias won. Known to history as 'Patriots,' they might have had a variety of names them, the more positive being Whigs. They sought independent government and self-government and achieved it. The French and Spanish scored a temporary 'win' against their old enemy.

What started the USA revolutionary war?

In summary, the cause was the British refusal to provide equal representation in Parliament for the colonists. If the British had followed the later American model of admitting the colonies as we admitted the states on the basis of perfect legal equality, Americans would have had no issue regarding taxation without representation. But, the British never envisioned their empire on such expansive terms.

How Long did the revolutionary war Lasted ?

The War Lasted for 8 years . at the end of the war the leaders of the old 13 colonies won the war aginst the british .

What was the first capital choosen for The USA ? And Why ?

The First Capital chosen by the fathers of the nation was ( philadelphia ) pennsylvania . The reason for choosing the Capital is the location in the middle of the old 13 colonies ,meanwhile the the US fathers of the nations they have announced the declaration of independence from there .

What made the fathers of the nations change the capital ?

One day while was th One day while the congress was in session , something very scary happened as mob of angry men surrounded the congress building ,congress asked Pennsylvania Governor for help .The governor of pennsylvania refused to help and he thought the mob are right.The made the congressmen think twice , where the capitol should be !

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