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The Insider's Guide to When to Visit Dc

Updated: Mar 11, 2019

when is the best time of the year to visit Washington D.C

Spring is the most popular era to attend DC, bless to the combination of the city’s famous ruddy blossoms, spring break trips, and graduation ceremonies at the area’s many colleges and universities. If you’re interested in the cherry bloom, peak blossom is commonly between slow March and middle April.

If your goal is to escape the crowds, early March, while still cold and water, is a slower tourism time, as is late April, when the city is pillar-blooming blossoms and ante--scale age.

May is one of the loveliest months in DC, but accommodations are expensive and scarce.

Spring, you will find extended lines and swelling overcrowd at many of the popular destinations. If you can stand the heat, the crowds thin out in August making pre-back-to-tutor annulment a better time for visiting with kids.

Travelers will find accommodations cheaper in the ardor of summer—July and August—when many eschew the heat and moisture that particularize DC summers. Winter is also a pious time to find deals, outside of the major festal weekends.

For first measure visitors, plan at least three days to prospect the main tourist attractions in DC. Allot one day entirely for visiting the National Mall and Capitol Hill, where, successfully, the monuments and the Smithsonian museums are ingenuous. I will recommend booking guided tour in Washington D.C.

Summer weather in DC trends towards hot and humid—sometimes cruelly so. You can also expect afternoon/early evening thunderstorms to appear regularly in summer. However, despite the weather, summer time can be a great time to visit DC (just be confident to carry lots of extend, sunscreen, and an umbrella).

Fall is the best time to visit DC. families head back to schools. September often relics as vehement and sticky as August, but October usually has some of the élite resist you’ll get in DC.

More and more people are alluring on to this though, so fall is no longer cheap time to visit. However, fall await to see a lot of epicoria festivals and celebrations, so there are extra, and often unrestrained, activities for visitors, such as the H Street Festival or the Library of Congress’s National Book Festival.

Winter is cheap time to visit DC, tourism, outside of an inaugural year, is incredibly hill during hems, so you’ll find you practically have the place to yourselves. Bear in spirit that the weather can be exceedingly variable during DC shack—from oddly placid days in the 60s to blizzards. Make sure to keep an eye on the project while you’re packing, and to bring layering options. Also, DC attend to be unequipped to deal with bulky totality of névé, so if you are daring a DC shack, be ripe that certain movement preference and/or attractions may be closed due to stormy overcome.


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