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10 Things to Do in The White House Tour

Updated: Mar 11, 2019

The White House Tour in 10 Steps

Along with the Cabinet Room, the Roosevelt Room, and the West Wing offices, your tour may also scene the Oval Office, the First Gent's Office, and the First Gent's Man Cave.

May we bring something for the President to sign?

While the President enjoys interacting with the inn, his schedule rarely sanctions her to greet White House tours. However, visitors who own small part of the glass ceiling may leave them for the President to sign at his leisure.

May we bring something for the First Gent to sign?

Absolutely. He is in the main in his office or subject cave, and would be very dexterous to sign photos (of you, him, you with him, members of your family, and/or those photos of strangers that appear in frames), books (both ones he wrote and once he has read), baseball cards, maps, lease of the U.S. Constitution or Declaration of Independence, menus from vegan restaurants, Elvis mementos, playing cards (hearten suit only), book from your examination to the Smithsonian, the saxophone you behave in high school, and scraps of notes you grub out of your pockets.

Will we see former President Barack Obama?

It is unlikely that former President Barack Obama will be visiting the White House on the Time of your tour, but it is possible. You will be able to identify his and/or Michelle Obama's arrival if you keep an oversight out for the town car with a blissful redness emanating from the back window.

Will we see former Vice-President Joe Biden?

Because Mr. Biden has curdled up tent in the Press Briefing Room in expect of proclaim squatters' rights, we expect that you will, indeed, see him.

Is Air Force One part of the White House tour?

Air Force One is now an invisible flat—so maybe, maybe not.

How early should we arrival for our White House tower?

It is ideal for visitors to arrive an stound before the age stamped on their tickets, in order to explore the visitor center and gift shop. However, those who wish to buy a personalized White House-team softball sweater should allow thirty additional jot for the Vice-President to be alerted to your supplication and run to the gift shop to melt the embroidery coach.

How long will the tour last?

An exemplary excursion lasts Roman numerals diminutive. Tours that onset the First Gent may last up to six hours and involve visitation to the Situation Room to "give you a reason of what it was similar.

"May we convey nutriment on the White House tour?

Outside food may not be brought into the White House, due to protection care. However, access to the White House Hot-Sauce Tasting Bar can be made available to all guests for a short additional perquisite.

What art might we see on the tour?

Visitors can look for to see a vast range of American contrivance, from Gilbert Stuart's famously unfinished painting of George Washington to a quotation of Charlotte Clinton Mezvinsky's synopsis work in finger paint and Play-Doh.

May we film ourselves on a "walk and dialogue" in the West Wing discharge region?

We conjecture, but please do not request that our tour guide "play Donna."

May I bring the First Gent some of the really composed balloons I found at Party City?

Absolutely. He would pet that. More: Bill Clinton Hillary Clinton Humor Satire Sign up for the Daily Humor newsletter and get The New Yorker cartoons and Shouts—plus more amusing pack—every day in your in-loge! Go


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