World War II memorial Facts 

The World War II memorial is one of the most important memorials in Washington DC. It
honors the memory of over 400,000 American soldiers that died during the war.

The effect of such a huge causality figure was felt at home and abroad and so to restore national pride and bring about healing, the World War II memorial was created

The design of the memorial was done by a renowned architect from Providence, Rhode
island named, Friedrich St. Florian. The Florian team completed the design and submitted to approval. It was approved in 1999 and since then worked had begun on the site.

It consists of two divisions: the Pacific and the Atlantic showing that the war was fought around those two oceans.
It has 56 pillars representing the States and the territories. The pillars are connected to each other from the ground that symbolizes the unity of the country during World War II.

The World War II memorial grand stand is adorned with granite and bronze. A platform for
full military service for the navy, Marine Corps, Army, Air Force and Coast Guards are displayed.
A ceremonial steps lead from the 17th street to the plaza World War II memorial. There are
ceremonial seal plaques on the plaza to show America’s war years at home and overseas. There are also announcements about the memorial located at the 17th street entrance.

Within the commemorative area on the western side of the memorial is the sign showing the sacrifice of the World War II heroes and the contribution of allied forces. A field of 4000 of gold star on the freedom wall shows the contributions of the family sacrifice.

The memorial was opened to the public on April 29, 2004.


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