vietnam war memorial wall washington dc

The need for a place to honor the veterans that fought during the Vietnam War to defend  the name of the country made it possible for the Vietnam War memorial to be created in Washington DC.

One other primary reason for the creation of the Vietnam War memorial was the urge to heal the wounds of the war. The effect of the war was weighing heavily on the nation and the memorial served as a place for people to come and pay tribute to the fallen heroes whose names are inscribed on the walls.

At the Memorial there are the Servicemen’s Statue, Flagpole and the Vietnam Women’s
memorial. The purpose is for reconciliation with the war victims and the nation.

The Vietnam War memorial is in a V shape design and a marble with the names of 58000 soldiers who were either killed or missing in action during the war.

On the memorial, the government sets conditions on it that the memorial should not
state any judgment of the war.

The designer of the memorial was a Chinese engineer student and she was a 21 years old  Marylyn from York University.

Her design was selected out of the thousands that sent in contributions. When the committee that sat to review the designs noticed that the winner was a Chinese student, they rejected her design.

Marylyn took the committee to court and the court ruled in her favor. That design was, in fact, a school project that she did for the school and got a “B” grade. The professor who gave her the “B” also submitted his own project for the  memorial and his was rejected.


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