D.C Union Station 

Washington, DC Union Station.
Location: 1st and 2nd Street, NE, Massachusetts Avenue
Admission: Free
Parking: Discounted Rate Parking. The red line train passes through the union
station. Trains to major cities in the US can be taken from the Union Station.
Store hours: Mondays –Saturday: 10am -9pm and Sundays: 12noon- 6pm.
Contact: 202 289 1908

The Union Station is one of the nation’s most conspicuous multipurpose structures. It is
Located in the inner circle of Washington DC.
The need for all the city’s rail roads to converge in one central area brought about the creation of the Union Station.

Two architects, Daniel Burnham and Peirce Anderson were instrumental in designing the
station. In 1908 the entire building was completed.
It has over the years attracted tourists, visitors and travelers in and out of Washington DC since it has been furnished with shops, restaurants, and business offices. It is now
seen as one of Washington DC busiest centers.
In front of the building of Union Station, there is a memorial dedicated to Christopher Columbus by Columbus Knights.

This Memorial depicts Christopher Columbus standing on the bow of the ship. In front of the Union Station we have the flags of all the States including Delawe which was the first state and the last States to enter the union, Alaska and Hawaii. After that there are
also the flags of Guam, Puerto Rico, American Samoan, Northern Mariana and the
Virgin Island. To the left of the Union Station is the Building named after
Thurgodd Marshall, the first African American appointed to the Supreme Court by Lyndon Johnson in 1967. In the middle of the circle of the Union Station is the statue of Christopher Columbus.

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