The Navy Memorial in Washington, D.C. is dedicated  to all who served in the U.S. Navy and other sea-related services. The memorial consists of a plaza with fountains, reliefs, and a statue of a sailor.​


Memorial Plaza is midway between the U.S. Capitol and the White House and across from the National Archives on “America’s Main Street” of Pennsylvania Avenue. Millions of people visit the Memorial each year to reflect on their service, attend our events, and pay tribute to the men and women of the Sea Services.


Memorial Plaza contains the largest map in the world, known as the “Granite Sea.” It is home to the iconic Lone Sailor statue, towering masts with signal flags, fountain pools, and 26 bronze sculptures depicting Navy histor


Of all the naval museums in the United States of America, the Navy Memorial in Washington DC is the only one that captures the scenario of US naval history. War heroes, battles, peace initiatives, space flight etc are among the items that in the Museum.

The musuem was open to the public in 1963. The collection of naval artifacts helped push the need for the creation of the navy memorial.

Admiral Arleigh Burke was the one who is for maintaining the museum at its current site. Before his arrival the museum moved twice to another location. Artifacts in this museum date back as 1800. As war increased over the years, more and more artifacts were collected for the museum.

Lone Sailor Statue

Lone Sailor StatueThe statue of a lone sailor is the most recognizable part of the large memorial, covering the whole plaza. Crafted in 1990 by sculptor Stanley Bleifield, the statue pays homage to those who served in the U.S. Navy. The sailor stands on a large world map, dubbed the 'Granite Sea', a replication of the oceans of the world in granite.


Two fountain pools surround the "sea" and pay tribute to not only the U.S. Navy but also the navies of the world. Also surrounding the granite sea are twenty-six bronze bas-reliefs that represent a variety of significant events, persons, and communities with connections to the U.S. Navy.


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