United States capitol building

The United states Capitol building location on the top of Jenkins’ Hill, or as people call it now "Capitol Hill," in 1793. 

Iin 1790, President  George Washington in 1791 selected the area that is now the District of Columbia to serve as the nation’s capital.

The French engineer Pierre Charles L'Enfant was the designer ogf the districe . The eatsern side of the national mall was the best location for the United states Capitol

As the country grew so did Capitol Hill, with the construction of buildings housing the Congress, Supreme Court, Library of Congress and Botanic Garden.


The beginning of Constriction was in 1793 , and for over a century it was the only building created for the use of the nation's parliament.


It wasn't only the The United states Capitol but also the Library of Congress, the Supreme Court, the district courts and other offices. In the following decades the nation grew , and as a result, so did the Congress.

The United states Capitol Building and its grounds were enlarged , and by 1892 the building had reached its present size and appearance (except for the east front extension [1958-1962] and courtyard infill areas [1991-1993]).

Despite the enlargement of the The United states Capitol, the thronging inside soon became intolerable: in addition to the House and Senate, the building still housed the Library of Congress and the Supreme Court.


In 1897 the Library departed the Capitol for its own  building, which is today known as the Thomas Jefferson Building.

Following that a separate buildings for the house of representatives and the senates .

They were provided with steam for heating (and, , electricity) by the new Capitol Power Plant, which became operational in 1910 and went under several expansions.

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