This Watergate Hotel complex has come to symbolize a significant locale in the history of the United States. It was the center of a political scandal that rocked the White House and the nation as a whole. The Nixon White House republican administration had been under intense attack from the Democrats in 1972 because of the unstable times in the country made worse by the effects of the Vietnam War. In order to strengthen his hold on power, President Nixon secretly dispatched spies to break into the Watergate hotel where the offices of the DNC were located to bug their telephones. The spies were caught by the security guard. The matter grew out of control as it was later revealed that the President Nixon himself was at the center of this deal. John Dean his chief Counsel resigned and revealed to the prosecutor in charge of the case that there was a tape in the President’s Office that recorded their conversation. When asked by the special prosecutor for the tapes to be turned in, President Nixon declined. This political imbroglio finally led to his impeachment on August 8, 1974. He was the first American president to be impeached.


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